One API To Rule Them All – Lets Mobile Developers Send Analytics Data To Dozens Of Services, Without Resubmitting To App Stores

TechCrunch, a Y Combinator-backed startup making it easier for developers to integrate APIs from multiple analytics providers into their applications, is today expanding its service to include support for mobile. The company is introducing mobile software development kits for both iOS and Android, which will allow developers to toggle on or off 25 different analytics services without resubmitting their apps to the various app stores.

At launch,’s iOS and Android libraries will support sending data to a number of mobile analytics services, including Countly, Mixpanel, Localytics, Flurry, Google Analytics and others. Co-founder Peter Reinhardt explains that the new libraries will give mobile developers flexibility, because they’ll now be able to deploy the analytics library just once, then switch on or off the services inside that they want to work with.


In addition, by proxying the data through’s servers, the libraries provide mobile developers for the first…

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